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Video Transcript: You're a mover. A shaker. An everyday making moves maker. You didn't just dream it - you put in the Investment and the work. And you still do. Every day. It's about hustle. The more time you have the focus on what drives you, the further you'll go. That's why we build a lab. So we could experiment with new ideas and technology to make student loan repayment smarter and easier. Giving you the tools you need to see you options and make the best decisions. For you. Now, we're passing the mic. Tell us what you experience you want. So you can spend less time worrying about loans. And more time out there-making it happen.
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Take a look at our story

Ever had a great idea, but no way to figure out if it would be successful in real life? That’s why we created Navient Labs—a digital lab where we’re able to test ideas about improving the student loan experience. Through Navient Labs, we’re refining our ideas and developing new methods, resources, and tools based on feedback we get from you—our users.

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A vision for the future

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We’re thinking more mobile

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Loan management made easy

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Not your average customer service

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Smart answers to common questions 24x7

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Navient is reimagining the entire student loan customer experience and what it could be. We've built a digital lab so we can showcase our ideas.